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Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your AC and Furnace at The Same Time

If the last few years of weather taught us anything, it’s that Dallas-Fort Worth homes need top-notch furnaces alongside their tried-and-true air conditioners. These appliances are essential to indoor comfort, and to run them full force without soaring energy bills, they should work in tandem with compatible technology and performance capability. 

How is this compatibility possible? Both systems share the same air handler, also called a blower. A matched system with an efficient handler will allow both systems to operate properly, giving you the total home comfort you need.

When you replace the AC and furnace at the same time, you get a matched HVAC solution with big benefits, including increased efficiency, optimized performance, and maximized cost savings.

Increased Efficiency

Furnace and air conditioning systems manufactured today are highly efficient, more so than systems built even 10 to 15 years ago.

Air conditioner systems must meet a required Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), and the higher the SEER, the less energy they use. With each decade, technology improves while minimum government SEER standards increase. Similar improvements occur with furnace efficiency ratings as well.

With modern air conditioners lasting 12 to 15 years and furnaces lasting 15 to 20, there’s a good chance that any system more than a decade old can be easily bested by newer, more energy-efficient HVAC equipment.

AirCo- Increased Efficiency with higher SEER levels Chart

That’s not to say you can’t continue with your older unit — if you properly maintain them and aren’t experiencing frequent issues, you can maximize your HVAC system’s life span. But when the time comes to upgrade, replacing both the AC and the furnace will allow for maximized efficiency using the latest and best technology in the HVAC industry.

Optimized Performance

A total HVAC replacement allows your new air conditioner and furnace to work optimally. Even beyond efficiency, all other components can operate at their peak performance when the unit is paired with a matching system.

Mixing systems creates a foundation for numerous pesky — and potentially costly — problems. With an old AC and new furnace, or vice versa, new components may not function at their intended performance level when paired with outdated parts and technologies of the old system.

With limited system performance, you can’t reap the full benefits of your new system and, depending on the pairing, could put undue strain on the new unit. 

Maximized Cost Savings

Based on your budget, a total HVAC replacement could save you money on the overall project cost. By installing both at once, you only pay installation costs once.

And because installing matching systems is far less complex than installing a new unit with an old one, a single, more simple installation is likely more cost-effective than two complex installations.

Additionally, having newer appliances means fewer repairs, and if repairs are needed, both units would be under warranty.

Choose AirCo for Your Total HVAC Replacement

Replacing the AC and furnace simultaneously is usually the ideal solution. However, there are budget constraints, unexpected timing, and other life considerations involved in a big-ticket home improvement.

If a total HVAC replacement is outside your scope, your AirCo technician can look at the age of your furnace. Because furnaces last longer than air conditioners, it’s possible to match a new air conditioner with your existing heating system.

However, if the furnace is more than 15 years old, it’s best to replace both units. Heating and air conditioner solutions are unique to each home, which is why our HVAC professionals are licensed and skilled to help you assess the situation to determine the HVAC equipment that is the best fit for your home and budget.

Contact AirCo online or call (817) 591-1225 for a free estimate for your air conditioner and furnace replacement.

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