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Leak Detection & Repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Even the smallest leak undetected or unresolved in your home can lead to serious water damage, attract pests, and lead to mold and mildew. That’s why it’s important to have a team you can count on in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to track down your leaks wherever they might hide and provide an effective repair.

When you work with the team at AirCo, you’re getting the best possible service our highly trained plumbers can provide, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your pipes and fixtures are restored.

Call AirCo at (817) 591-1225 or reach out to our team online today to schedule leak detection and repair in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Signs You Have a Hidden Plumbing Leak

Not all leaks lead to ankle-deep water or similarly dramatic reveals. Keep your eyes open for these signs that there’s a hidden pipe leak:

  • Low water pressure
  • Standing water
  • Discolored or bubbling walls and ceilings
  • The sound of dripping or running water when no fixtures are used
  • Mold, mildew, or wood rot
  • Increasing water bills

Suspect a leak? Let our team get to the bottom of things as soon as possible by calling AirCo at (817) 591-1225 or scheduling service online.

Leak Detection & Repair for DFW Homes

When you contact our team for leak detection and repair, we’ll arrive equipped with everything we need to find and tackle seemingly undetectable leaks.

Using non-invasive methods and specialized tools, we can detect hidden leaks with minimal disruption to your home.

Once we know exactly what we’re dealing with, we’ll consider how best to repair it, depending on the location and cause. Then we’ll resolve your leak once and for all, so you won’t have recurring issues.

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Schedule Leak Detection & Repair in the DFW Metroplex Today

AirCo proudly offers comprehensive plumbing services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Arlington and Irving. When you need reliable services delivered by trained experts who respect your time and home, choose our team and get exactly that.

If you need leak detection and repair services, reach out to AirCo online or call (817) 591-1225 to request an appointment for your DFW home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a leaky pipe burst?

Yes. A small leak will grow and weaken the structure of the pipe over time. If it’s not resolved quickly, the pressure can build inside the pipe and eventually cause it to burst.

What should I do if my pipes are leaking?

When you notice or suspect a leak, shut off your water supply, open your faucets to let out whatever water remains in your pipes, and call an emergency plumber to find and resolve the leak.

How quickly can a leak cause water damage?

A leak can set the stage for serious water damage quicker than expected. Within 24 hours, your drywall can swell, and paint or wallpaper will peel off or blister. Mold will also develop and spread as the days go on, so it’s best to resolve plumbing leaks as soon as possible.

What is a slab leak?

A slab leak occurs in the pipes below your foundation. Water eroding the underside of your foundation and the soil it rests upon can affect your entire home. Slab leaks are difficult to detect, making it especially important to be vigilant and act immediately if you suspect a leak.

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