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Property Care Our installers are the best. With their skills, attitude, and workmanship, they will ensure your home and property are protected from damage. They will wear protective shoe coverings and/or place proper floor protection on all work and traffic areas. They will leave your home as neat as when they arrived.


We believe strongly in the strength and durability of our products. If the compressor in your air conditioner or heat pump fails twice within the first five years of installation (if properly maintained), we will replace the entire unit, not just the compressor. And give you a new five-year “No Lemon” Guarantee.

If the heat exchanger in your furnace fails within the first 10 years of installation (if properly maintained), we will replace the entire unit, not just the heat exchanger. And give you a new Ten Year “No Lemon” Guarantee. Applies to replacement systems only. Does not apply for New Construction or Commercial installations.


We insist on your complete comfort. We want you to be completely confident with the craftsmanship and materials provided by us and paid for by you. If within two (2) years from the date we replaced your old, tired, and worn out AC/heating comfort system, you are displeased with the performance of your comfort system (or component), we will make any and all modifications (including replacement of the system or component if necessary) to achieve your comfort.


All parts replaced (except refrigerant) and labor used to repair your air conditioning/heating system are guaranteed for two (2) years unless covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Parts covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are guaranteed for the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty. *Some restrictions apply; your service technician will let you know if a specific repair may have a warranty for less than 2 years.

Repairs made to items outside the furnace, evaporator coil, condenser, or controls (such as condensate drain repairs) are guaranteed for thirty (30) days.


To provide value to our customers by encouraging fixing an immediate problem while leaving the option open to replace an old energy-guzzling piece of equipment.

Program Rules:
If a residential service repair customer is confronted with a decision to repair or replace a Home Comfort System, they have the option of making and paying for the repair but will get partial if not full credit (Up to $1000) toward a new complete system including outside and inside units installed by AirCo. Any full system qualifies, from the most basic to the most advanced. If the customer only wants or needs a new indoor or outdoor unit, an amount equal to 50% of the repair bill will be credited. (Up to $500). Indoor Coil Only replacements are excluded.

Program Expires:
Residential customers must have a quote for a new system within 30 days from the date on which the repair was completed to qualify for the additional credit toward a new system. All we ask is that you remind your friendly replacement specialist that you had a repair made in the last 30 days, in case they forget to ask.

Why we do it – when almost no one else does:
Because we are homeowners too, and we understand in the middle of July at 108 degrees or the middle of January at 18 degrees, it is sometimes a difficult decision to spend our hard-earned money on an old worn-out system without the possibility of seeing some of that money back. Not to mention we love our customers.


All Replacement installations are covered by a two (2) year parts and labor guarantee. All New Construction installations are covered by a one (1) year parts and labor guarantee unless otherwise specified in the builder contract.

For replacement installations, we offer 24-hour emergency warranty service at no charge. (Any emergency repairs needed while still covered by a parts and labor guarantee are done at no charge)

10-year parts and labor extended warranties may be available from certain equipment manufacturers.


Finally, when we are granted your trust to handle replacing your old, tired, and worn-out AC/heating system, you also get the protection of our many warranties. Our 2–year installation warranty means that all of the parts and labor we use during installation are covered. Our “no lemon” guarantee protects our customers against premature failure of the new parts of their newly replaced AC system. Call us to find out more.

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