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2023 Trane Air Conditioner Buying Guide for DFW Homeowners

Airco Heat PumpIf you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, recent changes to the SEER rating system may affect your purchase.

In an effort to increase energy efficiency nationwide and make the SEER rating more realistic, the U.S. Department of Energy has updated the minimum efficiency ratings for newly manufactured AC units and introduced a new SEER2 rating.

This guide will detail which Trane AC models meet the new standards, and it will help you compare them so that you can select the best air conditioning system for your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing a New Air Conditioner

Although more efficient air conditioners will reduce your energy bills and maximize your comfort, they’ll cost more upfront.

Consider the following technical specifications that can affect the cost, performance, and efficiency of your air conditioner:

SEER2 Rating

The SEER2 rating reflects more realistic testing requirements, including higher static pressures, allowing consumers to more accurately compare different air conditioner brands and models.

In Texas, any new air conditioner must be 14.3 SEER2 or higher, which is equivalent to 15 SEER. All Trane units exceed these requirements, with models ranging from 14.8 SEER2 to 21.5 SEER2.

Cooling Stages

There are three main types of air conditioning systems, based on the type of compressor they use:

  • A single-stage air conditioner runs at full output all the time, turning off when your home reaches the desired temperature, then turning back on when it warms up by a set amount. This can leave your home a bit warmer between cooling cycles.
  • A two-stage air conditioner runs at full output, when necessary, then slows down to about 70% output to keep your home more comfortable between cooling cycles.
  • A variable-speed air conditioner is the most efficient kind of AC. It can keep your home at the perfect temperature all day long by varying the speed of the compressor as required.

Sound Rating

When it comes to your comfort and hearing health, a quieter air conditioning system is always better.

Decibels are the unit used for measuring sound intensity or volume. A-weighted decibels (dBA) factor in both sound intensity and the human ear’s response.

For reference, normal conversation is about 60 to 70 dBA, while 85 dBA sounds can cause hearing damage in about eight hours of exposure, and 100 dBA sounds can cause hearing damage in as little as 14 minutes.

Trane Models That Meet New Efficiency Regulation Requirements

When you need a new air conditioner that meets the new 2023 SEER2 requirements and offers a great balance of performance, cost, and efficiency, Trane has you covered.

Here’s how their air conditioning models compare:

  • XV20i: As their most efficient unit, the XV20i features a variable-speed compressor with up to a 21.5 SEER2 rating and 55 to 75 dBA of sound while operating.
  • XV18: With 55 to 75 dBA of sound when running, the XV18 is one of the quietest models. It offers a variable-speed compressor, up to 18 SEER2, and Trane Link technology for effortless system control.
  • XR16: With a two-stage compressor, the XR16 offers up to 16.2 SEER2 with 72 to 74 dBA of sound.
  • XR15: With a 15.6 SEER2 rating and a one-stage compressor, the XR15 offers impressive comfort with 71 to 74 dBA of sound.
  • XL15i: Featuring a single-stage compressor with up to a 15.6 SEER2 rating and only 69 to 74 dBA of sound, the XL15i is a cost-effective AC unit for any home.

Chart breaking down Trane AC units by different factors

Choose AirCo for AC Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth

No matter which model you choose, you can’t go wrong with a Trane air conditioning system. At AirCo, we are proud to offer Trane HVAC products and professional AC installation you can trust.

Count on our team for free estimates on AC replacements and comprehensive guarantees, including:

  • A five-year no-lemon guarantee
  • A two-year comfort guarantee
  • A two-year installation guarantee that includes parts and labor

Is your AC unit having trouble keeping up with the heat? Call AirCo today at (817) 591-1225 or contact us online to schedule an AC replacement for your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

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