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Heating Repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

You deserve a home that is comfortable and warm no matter how cold it gets outside. Making homes comfortable has been our specialty for 30 years. We’ve offering the best possible heating repair service in Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound that we can. Whether your furnace is blowing cool air or your heat pump is making any unusual noises, call AirCo for 24/7 heating repair service in Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound.
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At AirCo, our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. To prove it, we offer a 100% comfort guarantee on all the work that we do and we’re available 24/7 for heater repair service in Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound. But you don’t have to just take our word that we offer outstanding service: we proudly carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and we’ve received the Angie’s List Super Service Award 4 years in a row. Call us today whenever you need any kind of heater repair in Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound.

Common Causes of Heating Repairs

Over the last 30 years, AirCo has helped countless customers get their heater back up and working again. We offer quality heating repair service in Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound and we wanted to share some of the most common causes of issues so that homeowners can know when something has gone wrong.

Clogged air filter

Probably the most common cause of heating repair needs is a clogged air filter. Furnaces and heat pumps have air filters in them to protect the moving parts from larger particles like dust and dirt. But if the filter isn’t changed regularly it can cause big problems like reduced air flow, insufficient heating, overheating, inefficient operation and much more.

Dust and dirt

Your heating system deals with a lot of air which can contain small particles of dust and dirt. Overtime, those kinds of contaminants can build up on the moving parts of your heater and cause issues including poor performance, electrical issues, and also indoor air quality problems.

Electrical problems

Even if you have a gas–fired furnace, there are still components in your heating system that are powered by electricity. Electrical issues like igniter problems, fan motor issues, compressor problems and others can arise, causing your system to malfunction.

Heating Issues to Watch Out For

We’ve taken a look at some of the common causes of heater repair in Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound but those problems can manifest themselves in different ways. Read on below and then make sure that you call the Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound heating repair specialists at AirCo if you’re having any issues with your heating system.

Insufficient heating

You cannot live comfortably throughout the heating season if your heater does not provide adequate heating output levels. This problem can have a number of different sources that depend on which type of heating system you have. For furnaces, insufficient heat is usually caused by a clogged air filter, a bad fan motor or some problem with the burner. For heat pumps, inadequate heating could be caused by low refrigerant, a broken compressor or a clogged evaporator coil.


One of the primary ways that your heater will tell you that it needs service is with strange noises. Keep your ears ready for any new noises that your system might develop. Squealing is often caused by Something amiss in the blower assembly. Hissing, for heat pumps, is usually a sign of a refrigerant leak. If your furnace makes a rattling noise, it could be an indication that you have a cracked heat exchanger which might allow carbon monoxide into your home.

No heating at all

If your heater won’t turn on or if it’s just blowing cold air into your home, it can spell serious trouble—especially if it happens to be very cold outside. For furnaces, this issue is often the result of a problem with the burner or the thermocouple which would cause your system to stem the flow of gas. For heat pumps, no heat means that the compressor could be broken or that the evaporator coils or condensing coils are dirty.

Benefits of Professional Heating Repair Service in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

We often find that many of our customers enjoy do-it-yourself projects around the home. While this is a great way to stay active and to challenge yourself, when it comes to professional heat repair service in Plano, Allen, McKinney & Frisco it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Not only are there certain risks with attempting heat repair but there are also tremendous benefits to calling a licensed Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound heating repair contractor. Here are a few of them.


One of the most important reasons to call a professional whenever your heater needs service is safety. This is particularly true of gas–fired furnaces because of the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Our heating repair technicians have the experience, training and skill to keep your home safe and to keep your heater operating properly.

Quality of service

It is important that you schedule professional heating repair as soon as you notice any problems with your heater. Prompt service will help to keep serious issues at bay. Otherwise, your heater might break down when you need it most. Speed Don’t waste your time searching the internet for solutions to your heating problem. The time that you spend trying to figure out what’s wrong with your heater could be time spent by your repair technician getting your system working again.


If you fix something on your heater but it breaks again shortly afterwards, you’re basically out of options. But when you work with the Plano, Allen, McKinney & Frisco heater repair experts at AirCo and something that we’ve fixed breaks again, all you have to do is give us a call and we’ll make it right.

Call AirCo for Heating Repair Service Today

When you need heating repair service in Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound you can rest assured that the experts at AirCo can get the job done right. We can work on a large range of heating products and our highly trained heating repair technicians can fix any problem that you might have. Call us 24/7 for any heating repair service that you need. The heating Repair experts at AirCo offer quality heating repair throughout the Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound region.
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