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Top 4 Benefits of Annual Sewer Video Inspections

Closeup of video feed from a sewer camera inspection

A sewer video inspection is an innovative method plumbers use to thoroughly assess the condition of underground pipes that are otherwise inaccessible without excavation.

During an inspection, a camera attached to a cable is fed through your sewer main to provide live-streamed footage of the pipe’s interior. Thanks to a transmitter, plumbers not only can see issues like clogs or corrosion, but they can pinpoint their exact location. 

Because your sewer main is underground, you may not notice any issues until it affects your drain and sewer system. That’s why homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area should schedule annual sewer video inspections with AirCo to ensure their pipes are working efficiently and effectively.

With these inspections, you can expect the following benefits:

Prevent Significant Sewer Line Damage

With annual video inspections, your plumber can find small leaks or cracks in your sewer main before they cause major damage to your home and plumbing.

Once these minor issues are located and the damage is assessed, we can provide expert sewer repair to ensure your sewer line is operating at peak performance.

Determine Pipe Condition

Since your plumbing is out of sight, out of mind, many homeowners have no idea what the current condition of their pipes is.

With a sewer video inspection, you’ll have an accurate picture of the age and health of your home’s pipes.

You’ll be able to better prepare for sewer line replacement when the time comes and may be able to avoid costly, catastrophic damage that needs emergency sewer line repair.

Ensure the Precise Location & Cause of Any Issues

When it comes to sewer line issues, no two problems are the same.

With a video inspection, our expert plumbers can determine both the precise location of the problem as well as the cause to provide the appropriate repairs as soon as possible.

Video inspection can help find and identify a variety of issues, including ground shifts and tree root infiltration, both of which are common problems Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners deal with.

Avoid Unnecessary Digging & Excavation

At AirCo, we know excavation is a major disruption to your property, so when you have a sewer line issue, trust us to use video inspection to determine exactly where we need to dig.

With video inspections, there’s no guessing. We have the tools and technology to excavate only what’s necessary to reach your sewer line issue and save you the hassle and inconvenience of additional digging. 

Contact AirCo for Routine Video Pipe Inspections in the DFW Metroplex

For superior sewer video inspection services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, trust the plumbers at AirCo.

With more than 30 years in the home services industry, we’ve developed a reputation of excellence backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

You can rest assured that your sewer line is in highly trained, capable hands. Invest in professional sewer line maintenance and prevent plumbing disasters with annual video inspections from our team.

Call (817) 591-1225 or contact us online today to request a routine sewer video inspection for your DFW home.

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