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Indoor Air Quality for Texas Homeowners

As the saying goes, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” including the potential impact of air quality on our health and well-being. From the scorching summer heat to the occasional chilly days in winter, DFW experiences various weather conditions that can affect the air circulating within our homes. This makes it crucial for DFW residents to pay attention to the air they breathe in their living spaces’ comfort.

Why does indoor air quality matter? We spend nearly 90% of our time indoors, making our homes a sanctuary and a potential source of exposure to various pollutants. From dust and pet dander to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by household products, the air we breathe inside can impact our respiratory health, allergies, and overall quality of life.

How Can AirCo Help?

Duct Cleaning: Lower dust levels improve air quality in the system and home.
Every 4 to 6 years.  People, pets, and pests will inevitably bring dirt, dust, and microbes into our homes. Ducts form a layer of dust, skin cells, and dander over time. This provides residence for dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. Most of the dust and microbes will remain undisturbed in your duct system. However, some dust and microbes will get blown into the system and around your home. This affects the longevity and efficiency of the system and can aggravate health problems such as allergies, asthma, COPD, and immune deficiencies. 


Blower Wheel Pull & Clean: Improve system efficiency and prolong blower motor life.  Your blower wheel will collect dirt and dust over time, hindering design airflow through the system. The blower wheel has blades that act like “scoops” to catch the air and move it through the system. As these scoops fill with dirt/dust, there is less volume for the “scoop” to catch air, and the aerodynamic form of the blades is distorted. The system reduces its ability to heat and cool the home and uses more energy.
An easy example of this would be a dirty floor fan. Lastly, the added weight and distortion to the blower wheel will cause vibration and work bearing to play into the motor shaft. This shortens the life of the motor. 


Compartment Clean: Improves system life, efficiency, and air quality.  Blower, coil, and plenum compartments will accumulate dirt, dust mites, and microbes over time. Keeping these compartments clean is essential for system efficiency and longevity. 


Reme Halo: Improve/preserve system efficiency and longevity. Improve respiratory health and air quality. Destroys odors. Reme bulb replacement approximately 2.7 years. Reme LED every five years.  REME stands for Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy. The Reme Halo performs three functions: Hydrogen peroxide plasma, light exposure, and dust coagulation. These three functions combine to form a powerful air purification that will prolong the system’s life, preserve its SEER rating, and significantly improve air quality in the home. Three functions: The Reme Halo bulb technology reacts with the titanium dioxide cell and moisture to produce a hydrogen peroxide plasma. The gaseous hydrogen peroxide travels through the air ducts and into conditioned spaces throughout the home. The H202 directly targets pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollens, molds, and spores, to break them down quickly. Photocatalytic oxidation is the process of converting malignant contaminants into water, carbon dioxide, and detritus (waste). Any microbes in the plenum or coil/blower compartment are destroyed by direct exposure to the UVC rays. Lastly, negatively charged ions cause fine, 0.2 to 0.6 micron particles to stick together – making particles large enough for the air filter to capture. 


UV Lamp: Preserves system efficiency and longevity. Improves air quality.  Air handlers house the evaporator coil and blower in one large compartment. The evaporator coil produces condensation that falls into a drip pan before going down the drain line and into your plumbing. The evaporator coil compartment is wet, it’s cold, it’s dark -it’s untreated water, there’s nutrients – it’s a perfect habitat for bio­growth to propagate. Various species release spores that spread throughout the system and home. Some species produce strong odors, and some species exacerbate the degradation of major components like the evaporator coil and blower motor. The UV lamp mounts in the middle of the air handler, lighting up the evaporator coil and blower compartments. The germicidal lamp destroys odors and microbes inside the system. 


Evaporator Coil Cleaning: Improves system Efficiency and Longevity.  The air filter prevents dirt and dust from getting into the system and plugging up the coil. However, using the wrong air filter rating and infrequent filter replacements will allow dirt into the system. The evaporator coil is like a sponge, absorbing heat from the home and moving it outside.
Dirt/dust deposits on and inside the coil hinder air flow and heat transfer. This hurts system performance and adds stress to the system components. The result is decreased system efficiency and longevity. 


Breathable Intake Filter Pod with MERV-16 Filter: High-performance air cleaner while remaining gentle on the system. Improved respiratory health and air quality. Improved system efficiency and longevity. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It’s an acronym created to provide a scale showing the effectiveness of filters in removing particles of different sizes. Higher MERV air filters are designed to collect a higher percentage of particles and smaller particles. Smaller particles include dust, pollens, bacteria, molds, fungi, and dander.  The Breathable Intake Filter Pod, combined with the Breathable Intake MERV-16 air filter, is a central air cleaner with the highest air filtration efficiency and low-to­no particle bypass. Rated at MERV-16, which is currently the closest rating to true-HEPA, the Filter Pod outperforms best-in-class 1-5 inch air filters in filtering microscopic contaminants (more than 95% efficient @ 0.3 microns), at almost half the pressure drop than the 1-inch 3M Filtrate line of filters. 

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