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Are Electric Furnaces More Energy-Efficient Than Gas Furnaces?

The Dallas-Fort Worth area experiences its share of cold, icy weather, so energy efficiency is the key to keeping your home cozy and your utility bills low all winter.

While gas furnaces are great for delivering reliable heating, electric furnaces are the ideal choice for warmer climates like Texas.

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AFUE Ratings for Gas vs. Electric Furnaces

The Department of Energy uses a metric called Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency to determine furnace efficiency:

  • Gas furnaces range from an 81% AFUE and go up to a 98% AFUE for high-efficiency units. So, in standard natural gas furnaces, as much as 19% of the gas burned isn’t converted into heat.
  • All electric furnaces have a 100% AFUE, which means that 100% of the electricity used to power the system is converted to heat.

AFUE ratings don’t give a complete picture, as gas furnaces burn hotter than electric furnaces. However, since we don’t use our furnaces as often in Dallas-Fort Worth, electric furnaces are more efficient over time.

Benefits of Electric Heat

Electric furnaces are safe and reliable for keeping your home warm. In comparison to gas systems, electric furnaces offer:

  • Less expensive installation: No ventilation or gas hookups are required to install an electric furnace — a requirement that significantly adds to the cost of a gas furnace installation.
  • Easier maintenance: While your electric furnace still needs annual maintenance, you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide or gas leaks with an electric furnace.
  • Balanced humidity: The heat from electric furnaces doesn’t burn as hot as the heat from gas furnaces, so you won’t have dry, indoor air.

Pair Your Furnace With a Heat Pump for Optimal Efficiency

If you currently have a gas furnace, consider a dual-fuel heating system for maximum comfort and energy efficiency year-round.

Dual-fuel heating combines an electric heat pump with a gas furnace. You’ll still enjoy the energy efficiency of electric heat, but you’ll also be able to switch to gas-powered heat when the temperatures dip below freezing. Plus, you can use your heat pump to cool your home in the spring and summer.

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