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What To Do When Clogs Strike in Dallas-Fort Worth

A photo of a sink that has a clogged drain and someone is using baking soda to unclog it.

Clogs can strike when you least expect them to, and there are a lot of potential causes. All kinds of drains, from shower to kitchen sink drains, are susceptible to backups if they’re not properly taken care of. 

Knowing how to get your drains back in working order when a clog occurs is important. Below, we discuss what causes drain clogs, what to do when you have a clog, and measures to take to prevent them from happening in the future.

Potential Causes of Drain Clogs in Dallas-Fort Worth

Some drains clog due to actions beyond our control, while others form due to a homeowner’s actions. A few common causes of drain clogs include:

  • Flushing inappropriate items
  • Frozen pipes due to weather
  • Pest infiltration
  • Tree root infiltration
  • Mineral or soap scum buildup
  • Aging pipes
  • Shifting soil

Recognizing the Signs of a Clog

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the signs of a clog so that you can immediately take action. Keep an eye out for the following signs of a clogged drain:

  • Slow-draining sinks: If your sink quickly fills up with water when in use, you likely have a clogged drain.
  • Sewage smells: Odors from sinks, tubs, and showers are often caused by backed-up drains or sewer lines.
  • Standing water: If water pools around your plumbing appliances, it could be due to a clog.
  • Clogged or overflowing toilets: A frequently clogged or overflowing toilet indicates a sewer line backup.

What To Do if You Suspect a Clog

If you suspect you have a clog, you might be looking for at-home solutions. However, some “fixes” can cause more problems in the long run. 

For example, store-bought drain cleaners can damage your pipes, and they’re bad for the environment. Pouring boiling water down drains won’t effectively break up a clog and could crack plumbing fixtures. Both of these are temporary solutions that will do more harm than good.

A good first step is to use a plunger or snake to remove the clog. If that doesn’t work, baking soda or vinegar may do the trick. When all else fails, it’s best to call a plumbing professional who can provide a safe, long-term drain cleaning solution.

Preventive Measures To Avoid Future Clogs & DIY Drain Maintenance Tips

Avoiding clogs doesn’t have to be a challenge. Following these tips and tricks is a surefire way to keep your drain well-maintained:

  • Scoop food scraps out of your kitchen drain
  • Regularly clean your drains
  • Don’t pour oil or grease down your drains
  • Only flush toilet paper down toilets
  • Brush your hair before you shower

Choose AirCo for Drain Cleaning Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

Keeping your drains in good condition is important for a functioning plumbing system. When you need plumbing or drain cleaning services, turn to the pros at AirCo. We have the tools and knowledge to tackle the most stubborn clogs. 

We’ve been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth community since 1990. We’re a local, family-owned company with licensed, insured, and background-checked technicians for your peace of mind.

Dealing with a slow-draining shower or sink? Call 817-591-1225 today to request drain cleaning services from AirCo!

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