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Top 4 Benefits of Having Two Air Conditioners

Keeping your home comfortable is challenging, especially when heating and cooling two separate floors. After all, heat rises, and sleeping on a hot, stuffy second-floor landing isn’t what most would call comfortable.

Many homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth have two air conditioning units in their two-story homes. Consider reaping the benefits for yourself:

Improved Energy Efficiency

One unit means you have to cool your entire home, even the areas you don’t use. The more square footage your system needs to cool, the harder your AC needs to work to meet your comfort needs, using, and often wasting, more energy.

Utility Cost Savings

With two ACs, you can primarily cool the first floor during the day, then lower the temperature on the second floor in the evening when you’re using the space. You can save considerably on your utility costs this way, and you’ll be amazed by your savings over time.

Whole-Home Comfort for Everyone

You’ll never have to worry about hot and cold spots in rooms furthest away from the thermostat. Along with two air conditioners, you can retrofit a zone control system into your existing ductwork to only cool the areas you use most. You can also adjust the thermostats according to your preferences.

A Backup Unit if the Other Fails

If you have two AC units and one fails, you can rely on the one that still works until repairs are completed. Considering the heat of the Texas summer, this feature is extremely beneficial for Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners.

What To Consider When Installing Two AC Units

Two air conditioning units can be a great fit for your budget, home, and comfort needs. Before installing a second AC, consider:

  • System cost: Your initial investment is higher if you purchase and install a second air conditioner. However, the overall energy savings will pay dividends over time.
  • Home size and layout: A large home is more difficult to cool and requires an AC with a much higher cooling capacity. Opting for two units means each unit only needs to support half of your home’s square footage, so properly sized units will be smaller.
  • Heating and cooling usage: Two air conditioners are ideal if you rarely use the second story of your home, such as for guest rooms or storage, or it requires a drastically different temperature setting compared to the main floor.

Choose AirCo for Energy-Efficient Comfort for Your Dallas-Fort Worth Home

At AirCo, we put customers first, guaranteed. Our family-owned and -operated company makes the process as easy as possible so you can schedule a new AC installation with confidence.

Let us install a second air conditioner and zone control system to reduce your energy consumption while keeping you comfortable no matter how hot and humid it is outside.

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