AC Maintenance Program in Fort Worth, Arlington, Flower Mound & Surrounding Areas

All Star Club

HVAC service vanAt AirCo we have all new system maintenance options. What is system maintenance anyway? You may be more familiar with the terms “Air Conditioning System Tune–Up, System Inspection, Maintenance Club, Comfort Club or even Comfortable Club. At AirCo we call ours the “ALL STAR CLUB”. Regular or routine maintenance of your air conditioning system is important to the life of your home comfort system investment. All of us as home or property owners want our air conditioning system to last a long as possible and work as efficiently as possible. With our All Star Club we give you options to fit almost any budget to take good care of your system. Please read on to choose one of the three options that fit your system best.

Option A “Bronze” System Inspection (GOOD $89.00)

  • Complete 20 Point Safety Inspection
  • 1 Visit According To The Season
  • 1 Year Repair Warranty
  • Visual Inspection Of Refrigerant leaks

This is a single visit system inspection designed to verify that an HVAC system is safe to operate. This helps build a preliminary report of the condition of the system and visually inspects the most common components in Heat or Cool mode, depending on the season. This is the very minimum important thing to do before you turn your system on for the first time in the season.

Option B “Silver” Tune up (Better $145.00)

  • Complete 14 Point Performance Impact Tune up
  • 1 Visit According To The Season
  • 1 Year Repair Warranty
  • Visual Inspection Of Refrigerant Leaks
  • Test Zone System Operation (Visual & Mechanical)

This is a single visit tune up designed to cover the BRONZE system inspection PLUS a more documented and detailed assessment of your air conditioning system in Heat or Cool mode, depending of the season. It goes beyond a visual inspection since the components are now inspected and tested with precise tools that will give an accurate report of the systems performance and condition, allowing to suggest (if needed) repairs before a potential break down occurs. Small break downs could lead to damage to larger system components causing catastrophic failure. Energy efficiency is addressed and documented with a SILVER tune up package.

Option C “Gold” Tune up (Absolute BEST Value $246.00)

  • Complete 9 additional Point Extended Care Tune up
  • Visual Inspection Of Refrigerant leaks
  • Test Zone System Operation (Visual & Mechanical)
  • Diagnostic Savings Off Current Rate $20
  • Reduced Service Repairs
  • Monthly Billing Option
  • Priority Status–24 Hour Response Time
  • Reminder Service
  • $50 Loyalty Reward
  • 2 Visits Per Year
  • 2 Year Repair Warranty
  • Inspect & Clean Condenser Coil With Foaming Treatment.
  • Basic Electronic Leak Detection (30 min if needed)
  • Camera Inspection Of Heat Exchanger

This is the best of any “tune–up” of any service company and it is designed to cover safety, condition and performance. The GOLD package carefully selects each and every component of your HVAC system that screams to be tuned up. This GOLD plan of the All Star Club impacts your air conditioning systems performance with an outcome in useful energy savings while helping to extend the life of your equipment. It includes a detailed cleaning of important impact zones, camera inspection and electronic leak detection (if needed). Additional comprehensive testing on motors and compressor windings are also included to deliver peace of mind that your HVAC system has been evaluated down to each minor detail. The GOLD plan includes 2 comprehensive visits (1) per season, includes additional savings on repairs (if necessary) and discounted diagnostic fees if you ever need service on your system. With the GOLD plan there are also great loyalty reward bonuses and discounts on the purchase of new equipment when you are ready for the latest and greatest most efficient air conditioning systems available.

There you have it, three easy options to choose when you know your air conditioning system asks for attention. As always your friendly AirCo technician can and will be glad to go into much more detail each All Star Plan option.